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Seller's Permit

Seller's Permit

Seller's Permit

In addition to the Free DBA business name registration, you can get a free seller's permit for free.  Most likely, if you sell any items, you will need it. 

A seller's permit is a reseller Tax ID used to buy wholesale and sell retail. To get it for free, go to

A re-seller tax id is also called a seller's permit.  It is a tax id or wholesale id that allows you to buy wholesale and sell retail. 

For example, you start selling on ebay from home.  

You need to charge sales tax for the items you sell in the state your business is located and you need the re seller id for that.

In addition, you will need it to buy the merchandise you will be selling at a wholesale price and that also requires that you have the re-seller id so you can issue a resale certificate to the wholesaler so he can sell you wholesale.

You can obtain it here online.

1-5 Business Days.

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