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An Trade Firm  business name is a business name registration.  A business name is the business name you doing business as.

Note that in most cases, a trade firm name has to be registered (filed), published in a legal newspaper and then, a proof of publication must be filed as well.

For example, if you are an eBay business selling on eBay or Amazon online and you name your business,  "Juan in a Million Treasures," that name is an Trade Firm  business name because you Trade Firm  it even though it did not belong to anyone before you decided to use it.

  Or you are originally from Great Britain and you are a hairdresser and you start a salon business naming it  "British Hairways".  That name, namely, "British Airways," is a Trade Firm Name.

Because it is an "assumed, fictitious, or trade " name and not a "legally given name," as in the case of the corporation name or llc name or your personal legal name, the assumed, fictitious, or trade business name must be registered with a DBA doing business as certificate and in most cases it also needs to be published in a legal newspaper as as the case for Illinois, or California DBA, and other states.

Trade Firm Name

Assumed Business Name ((DBA))

BusinessTaxID (Business Tax Registration)

Corporation (Corporation)

DBA (Doing Business As)


Fictitious Business Name ((DBA))

Fictitious Firm Name ((DBA))

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

ResellerTaxID (Seller's Permit)

StateID (State Tax ID EIN)

TaxIDNumber (TaxI D Number)

Trade Firm Name ((DBA))

Trade Name ((DBA))